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There are lots of resources available on this website that may enable you to manage your condition at home before seeing us or inbetween appointments. Please see our Help and advice section.

Eligible patients

Your eligibility will initially be assessed by your GP who will decide whether to refer you into the service.

If you have a complaint that needs more tests or to be treated by a specialist, we will offer a convenient appointment for you. Some of the tests may include blood tests and biopsies.

The service is a consultant led service which is delivered by GPwSI’s and specialist nurses, who will diagnose, manage and treat conditions for patients referred into the service.

The service is provided from fully equipped premises with equipment suitable for assessing and treating Dermatology and ENT patients and is fully registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Following assessment and diagnosis of the symptoms, the various treatment options will be discussed with you and a treatment plan developed.

If preparation is required for a diagnostic test, you will be informed and given appropriate advice in advance. This will be, where possible, identified at the triage and the appropriate information sent to you prior to their appointment.

All referrals will be triaged and those patients outside the scope of the Virgin Care service will be referred on directly to the acute trust by Virgin Care or returned to the GP with further advice on management. Triage will be undertaken to ensure that appropriate patients are referred into the service; waiting times will be no more than 28 working days from receipt of referral.